Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yay for play!

Last night we had a playdate with some kiddo friends named Aria and Mason. Aria is younger than Lily, Mason is older. Poor Mason fell asleep before we came over and the kid was knocked out like a teenager. He slept through most of the visit. Lily enjoyed climbing up the stairs, petting the dog, pointing at the kitty cat and most importantly, playing with Aria. Lily was kinda obsessed for a while with trying to hold her...Aria doesn't completely need to be held, she little but quite mobile. They played with a ball and kinda chased each other around for a while...climbed under chairs and other places little ones like to hang. Lily actually spent some time in the dogs area....she climbed in a kept trying to shut the door. She seemed offended that the dog wanted to be in his house...I guess she thought that was her new spot. We ordered some pizza...I managed to break one of their plates on accident...I picked Lily up and turned and my elbow knocked it off the table....I felt really bad and kinda stupid...but it happens. I'm excited because Janette also likes to do crafty art type projects. There was a few projects I've pinned on pinterest to try that she has completed and hanging up. Not going to lie, I'm kinda jealous. I'm hoping to spend some time with them during the off season and get some of my own craft needs taken care of!

I'm happy to say that I did finish my cleanse with AdvoCare. I started off strong, got a little off track, but still finished well. I'm glad I don't have to drink anymore of the fiber, but by the last few days I was able to down it pretty fast and without much distress. Physically I do feel a lot better, post-cleanse. I'm still drinking my Spark, daily...which reminds me I need to order some more! If anyone is interested, please contact me on facebook!

I've made some good headway in some projects that have been nagging at me for some time now. I really hope to be able to continue the progress and finally get some craft show items done. I also need to lock in some more show dates...It's going to be a busy fall, but I want it to be fun as well!

Much Love.