Wednesday, August 24, 2011

today marks 1 Month to go!!!

I really need to buckle down and get back to my goals. Some projects are harder than I expected and are taking longer to do. I need to just really focus and get as much done today as possible....but, I did finally get that bed frame I've been wanting and I'm dying to set it up and suprise daniel....what to do!!!???

Monday, August 22, 2011

1 day plus a Month to go!!!

I have not been keeping up with this like I originally intended too, my goal was a post a day with pictures. Well, tech difficulties are making the pictures hard to do. I've also been overhaul cleaning my house, but I did finish a hat and scaft combo for a boy today, younger kid, also started a scarf for an adult man, kinda a tan with a few orange stripes, nothing too fancy. I had started it the other day but it was going to be way too wide, so even though I was a foot into it, I tore it out and started it over. It's going much better now. In the process of cleaning my bedroom I've found a huge anount of craft things I need to go through and donate to friends if I don't need it. Just gonna keep on cleaning and crocheting! :)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

group night

I got a little bit of crocheting done today, but with my afternoon nap, not as much as i should have. when i got to group, i finished a hat, but spent a lot of time taking and not going at my usual pace. i expected to finish the piece i was on and start the next one. well, the talking made me feel better...and i enjoyed it. afterwards, i went to joanns and spent $23 on yarn, but saved $16!! in the mean time, dan text and said my friend sold all of my flowers! so I had just made $20, so I really only spent $3. AWESOME! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

38 days and counting...

Still using a dinosaur of a computer, but I worked on my knitting today, which is hard for me to do, takes a lot of patience and concentration. I also worked on a mixed medium boys scarf, really there's only one different kind of yarn, but I should have enough to make a matching hat and sell it as a set. If I can't sell this stuff I'm definitely going to put it up on FB for sale, I'll figure out a fair way to add in shipping, I can get a paypal or something. Either way, I'm meeting this goal and I'm going to sell it! Tomorrow I need to knit some more, finish the boys scarf and make the hat, I have a friend who I'm going to try to make a t-shirt for, and I want to work on the stocking since I had to rip it out. Good thing is, I have group tomorrow and I'm off. So hopefully I can have another good day of getting a lot of things done! That always makes me feel better. I need to get onto the boys blankets and toys....They either go super fast or take forever, it all just depends on the pattern and the yarn/hook size. I'm trying to use fun colors. I want my stuff to stand out, yes it's traditional patterns, but I want to put a younger spin on them and get the kids interested. So a lot of my color choices comes from that idea! :)

Day 39 from Monday

We got a lot done around the house today. We worked together and really accomplished a lot. I did knit for about 30 min in the morning, but I got so into cleaning [which never happens] I didn't pick it up again until I went to group. I took the stocking with me so I could have someone help me with the heel. Turns out I had like 5 too many stitches, so I pulled it out...all of it. I started reworking it but got kinda chatty with a few of the ladies I haven't seen in a long time. I'm glad its fixed, but I wish I would have gotten more done.  When I got home I started working on a boys scarf since I already have 3 purple girls scarves. It's coming along. That with the knitted one will make two and I can knock a few more out pretty quick in the next few days when I'm off. I need to have a sit and make flowers day and a dolls day....or I'm never going to get them done. I also need to work on Halloween. I did christmas first because I felt like it would take longer, and I still need to make some boys blankets. whew! that's a lot to do, but I think I got this! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 40...better get cracking!

I did manage to finish another scarf today and start a hat that could go with it, but a different stitch pattern. I'm doing the hat in bobbles and I did the scarf in a 1 row sc next row dc.  so super simple. even added some fringe. tomorrow i'm off work, so i'm hoping to get some things knocked out!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


i've been slacking on the blogging, but it makes me sad i can't post the pictures that i want. i finished two purple scarves and started another. i'm waiting to hear if i made any money from the flowers i sent with my friend, but i've been working and thinking a lot the past few days. i still can't get the heel right on the stocking and it's driving me nuts! :)

that's all for tonight. i'm tired and it's late.


Friday, August 12, 2011


I meant to do a post last night and i just didn't feel good. i laid on the couch just upset stomach, the whole deal. Daniel carried me to bed...i feel asleep and was out! i did work on a new purple scarf for a while thought. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

43 got better

i still don't have the ability to post pics at the moment, but i am excited to report that i had a much better evening knowing i had group tonight. when daniel got home, i realized i didn't have much done, about 3 hours til group i started crocheting my butt off, i didn't want to show up and start a project, i had to be on the ball. i took one blanket to match a color i was out of, i'll have to go to hobby lobby for that....i took a scarf that i knew i'd run out of yarn for, but wanted to get to where i was out so i could go buy more :) another scarf i had was also out of one color, only making more of a 'need' to go spend some $.

i really wish i could post some pictures because today i actually started knitting a scarf. i have so many things i'm crocheting and i like to leave the hook with that project, but i tend to use a lot of the same size. it's only about 6 inches but looking good. probably something i'll either work on a little bit every day, or go for a marathon, i'll see how it goes. i got the yarn i needed for two of my projects, plus two future projects and one just because it was .97 cents....ya gotta by that. anyways, pics as soon as possible, i promise! :) :) :)

when i got home from group, daniel helped me organize all my yarn by use and color. tough job for a man and i give him a lot of credit for doing it and not complaining, i mean it only took about 45 minutes. we have to find a place for it, but at least at this point i can see everything that i have, by color. makes it so much easier than wondering what bag you put a color in. i think this will make things go faster and i'll also be away quicker when i'm running out of something. i was amazed at how much of some colors i found and how few of others...i know where i have gaps in the stash now (haha $$)

I also finished the flowers to send with my friend for her convention this week. i even bought a cute little basket it put them in....spent my pocket money though!

lazy day 44??

i had such huge ideas about what i was going to do on my day off today, i was going to make this and that and organize this and none of it got done. i got stuck like glue to the couch. barely half way through a project...i need to get remotivated!!!! keep checking back for pics, again we're using a borrowed computer so i'll get them up asap!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

45, uh oh!

well, crocheting today didn't quite go as expected. i'll try and post some pictures later, but we also had some major computer trouble today and i'm not even sure i can post thing on this dinosaur i'm using. I worked more on the blanket from yesterday with the r/w/b. and then the colors going around. I simply ran out of blue.Short on cash I'll have to wait a few days to get more of that color to finish it up. i have enough white and red for a while. so I'm not worried about that.

i met up with a friend of mine. she's going to a craft convention in missouri next week and I asked her if she would mine taking a few of my pieces along to sell. She also has an art studio where she runs a business. Tonight i went to see her and to drop off was would have yielded a whole $8, but I wasn't sure how it would be recieved there and i figured if they went quick, they're fast and easy to make,. well, she said she'd take them with her this weekend, and asked if i could make some more real fast. i'm going to try to make $20 worth. it might not seem like much but i'm am going to need some more yarn and new colors to get a few of this projects done. if i finish the flowers in time, i might make a few hats to send a long too, but i don't want to send too much in case it bombs. maybe $50 max. I'm also going to offer her a cut because she doesn't have to lug this stuff to MO with her, she's doing it as a friend, but i still feel like it would just be gracious to tip her for the help. maybe then she'll do it again and i can really get some of the smaller stuff going quick. i can sit for  a whole day and just make little flower hair pins. i made about 16 in an hour recently. when i'm on my game, i'm awesome at this!!!

But, i really didn't get very much done today and originally those flowers i made were for the fall fest. so now I have to make more plus some. better get off of here and get to work! marathon night! :) :) :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

still day 46, i think...haha

Well, I got a lot done today. I started a blanket before work and worked more on my breaks and by the time I got home, I was through the first color change, which suprised me, I did 3 more rows and then switched colors again, here's a preview...

I look pretty tired here, just worked 4 days in a row and been crocheting up a storm! :)

Here's a few hats I've made in the last few days, I had to ask Daniel to take the pics tonight because I was busy working, so don't be too judgement of the photography. lol. love you baby! :)

This is where he got a little bit artistic! :)  :P

He's sweet for helping out and very supportive! :) Yay Daniel!

Well, over the next few days I am going to challenge myself to some larger projects. The list of things I want to make is long and I don't want to do all the easy stuff first and leave the big stuff last, played that game too many times in life. So, I'm hoping to start-finish at least 2 blankets and some hair bows. I have to have something to do in case I get frustrated. Instead of hair bows, I might do wall hangings if I can find the pattern book I need! :)

Thanks for reading!

Day 46

Well I haven't made anything yet today, but I'm excited to report I'm working on a red/white/and blue blanket. The yarn is varigated and then on the outside I'm going to do one solid row of each color. I need to get some more blankets made and I have a limited supply of well supplies. lol. Keep checking the blog. I'll post more pics this evening!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

47 Days to Go!!!

Well, I made 2 more girl hats today and half of another, but I'm slow to get these pictures up, so I'm going to post more of my already finished projects and add more as we go along, we're counting to 102 folks, maybe higher!

So here are a few more samples of things I already have done. I am going to keep working everyday to keep adding on to the stock. Again, if you are interested, please feel free to leave a comment with what design and color choices. I'll make sure I can get the color before we make all the arrangements. Learned that the hard way once. lol.

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

48 Days to Go!

I've challenged myself to crochet a total of 102 items before Sept 24th. I am hoping to be participating in a craft fair that day and I want to have as much stock available as possible. Here's a few older things I've made as well as some newer!

I did make two hats today and a few flowers for hair pins, I'll get those up soon.

All of these items will eventually be for sale. If you seem something you are interested in purchasing, let me know. I can always make more and to specific size and color choices. Very reasonable pricing! :)

That's all for now!