Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well I finished the blanket for my Grandma today! Just in time for Christmas! :) It's one of the biggest things I've ever made and definately the most pink! LOL. Check it out!

Not bad for making up my own designs...I also kinda made up the way I connected it together...or at least I didn't do research on how to connect it first, I just figured it out. ha! I hope Grandma likes it!:) :)

I've also been working on these pillows. I think they're pretty much done now! I can't wait to get them in the living room at the house and see how they'll look!

I have a lot of things I want to learn to make in the coming year. I don't want to do like a traditional 'New Years Resolution', but since we will officially be in the new house at the start of the new year, it kind of all goes together.

I have this daydreamy vision of being like a modern 50's house wife haha. I want to have a garden and cook more and read books and crochet. I figure I can schedule that and trips to the library with laundry and keep pretty busy. I'm so so so excited about the new house and I can't wait until I can actually do a little entertaining there! :)

Much Love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

crochet lemonade stand? i was sitting here thinking about the new little house i'm going to be moving into and the cute little neighborhood it's in....then i started thinking it would be a great location for a garage sale...but i don't really have much to put in a garage sale, but i could crochet some little things and put up a little table like we did when we sold lemonade as kids...hey! that sounds like fun, doesn't it?! So...what goes in a crochet lemonade stand?! Well, i figure a few dozen hats, some flowers, maybe a blanket or too, maybe just for show and i can take blanket orders...hmm....a shawl? some little toys? hot pads? place mats? drink cozies? then i started thinking if i really got a garden going, i mean like WOW garden! i could sell some veggies and herbs that's where i'll be this summer, in the front yard! lol.

busy busy busy

Well, it's been a busy few days. We officially got a house to rent. We made a deal for the deposit and pet fee that if we took the place 'as is,' all we would have to pay for all of December is $250. SOLD! lol.  We've been painting and making small repairs. We have most of the kitchen moved over, just a few dishes and a bit of food left at the apartment. We can't move any of the big furniture until the weekend probably when we can get someone with a truck to help. As for crocheting, I mailed off a gift yesterday and I have a blanket I've been working on but I'm out of a pink and I haven't been out to get more of it, I'm kinda at a stand still with trying to pack and move, but also get projects done before Christmas.

I've also been working on making some pillows, but I got stuck...

Last night I went with Daniel to Christmas Dinner at the Lodge and got to watch the Installation Ceremony. It was cool. I met a few wives and a few of them even crochet! :)

Well, I've been stalling on getting started all morning, first it was too cold in here, now it's too hot in here and I just don't wanna clean...but I's a few pics of the new house! :)





As always, more to come! :)

Much Love.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yay hats!

well, i sold 5 hats yesterday....well, 3 got shipped and two were dropped off...and come to think of it, i don't have money for any of them yet, but that's besides the point...yay hats! i also got two additional orders! i still have 5 hats here that belong to people i'm working on getting them all dropped off/picked up, etc.

aside from the hat excitment we're getting ready to move. we could be moving as early as tomorrow technically....we still have to sign the paperwork, but the place is ours. it's not the one i posted the pictures of, but it's a 2 bedroom duplex with an eat-in kitchen and full basement! i'm excited about the basement, it literally doubles the size of the place. looking around here, our apartment is packed tight with stuff, but once we get it spread out...a house might look empty.

updates and pictures to come! :)

much love.