Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WGI 2012

Well I have to say it felt good to be back home in Indiana!! I got to see so many people I haven't seen in so long, visit my beautiful college campus and visit with some professors, saw my McDonald's friends, all grown up!!! Surreal! :)

I left Nash early Tuesday morning last week and drove to Muncie...I stayed with my good friend Jaimie and her roommates Kassidi and Diana. This was the first time I've ever met Diana, but she goes to BSU, so that's cool! :) Saw Joni from McDonalds, went to the Circus with Julius and Maddie, Jaimie's nephew and Julia's little girl. I've never met this kids and that was so fun! :)

On Thursday my mom came and picked me up and we drove to Centerville, OH and stayed with her friend Dan. We went with Dan to a rehearsal for the Independence Guard, that was a lot of fun, just like old times! :)

Friday me and mom when shopping for a little bit in the morning, and then went to A class Finals in the evening. So much fun to be back in the world of the Sport of the Arts! I've missed it so much! :) Stayed up late talking with mom, finally fell asleep sometime probably going on 4 am.

Saturday we went Open and World Class finals, so this was an all day event, we did get a break for about 2.5 hours and went out to lunch/dinner with Rick, John, Dan, and me and mom. We all had the jack daniel's flat iron steak at tgif! :) If you're gonna sit with us, you gotta eat what we eat. lol.

Rick and John sat with us for World finals. There were some very good shows, but a lot of drops, a lot for World Championships...my favorite group from 10 years ago was there again this year Aimachi. They came all the way from Japan to compete in Dayton, OH. I also saw a group from the Netherlands and a few from Canada. It was a long day!!!

Got up on Sunday and got around and packed up the car...had on last meal with Dan and Jason and then I got to drive me and mom back from Ohio to Muncie. We stopped at the Warming Candle and I bought a few things for Daniel. Got back to Muncie and unloaded my mom's car right into my car. Had some dinner with Jaimie and passed out for the night.

Monday morning, grabbed what was left of my stuff from Jaimie's, (minus the atlas I forgot) and headed over to McDonald's to pick her up. I dropped her off at the dentist and then left Muncie, I stopped in Indy to have lunch with my friend Jen (also a BSU). Finally made it home last night around 6 o'clock to the arms of my Daniel. Sadie, literally knocked me down when I got home. I don't think she'll ever let me leave again! :)

Much Love.

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