Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yay hats!

well, i sold 5 hats yesterday....well, 3 got shipped and two were dropped off...and come to think of it, i don't have money for any of them yet, but that's besides the point...yay hats! i also got two additional orders! i still have 5 hats here that belong to people i'm working on getting them all dropped off/picked up, etc.

aside from the hat excitment we're getting ready to move. we could be moving as early as tomorrow technically....we still have to sign the paperwork, but the place is ours. it's not the one i posted the pictures of, but it's a 2 bedroom duplex with an eat-in kitchen and full basement! i'm excited about the basement, it literally doubles the size of the place. looking around here, our apartment is packed tight with stuff, but once we get it spread out...a house might look empty.

updates and pictures to come! :)

much love.

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  1. Are you still able to do mine?

    So happy that you're happy!! =)))