Tuesday, December 13, 2011

busy busy busy

Well, it's been a busy few days. We officially got a house to rent. We made a deal for the deposit and pet fee that if we took the place 'as is,' all we would have to pay for all of December is $250. SOLD! lol.  We've been painting and making small repairs. We have most of the kitchen moved over, just a few dishes and a bit of food left at the apartment. We can't move any of the big furniture until the weekend probably when we can get someone with a truck to help. As for crocheting, I mailed off a gift yesterday and I have a blanket I've been working on but I'm out of a pink and I haven't been out to get more of it, I'm kinda at a stand still with trying to pack and move, but also get projects done before Christmas.

I've also been working on making some pillows, but I got stuck...

Last night I went with Daniel to Christmas Dinner at the Lodge and got to watch the Installation Ceremony. It was cool. I met a few wives and a few of them even crochet! :)

Well, I've been stalling on getting started all morning, first it was too cold in here, now it's too hot in here and I just don't wanna clean...but I gotta...here's a few pics of the new house! :)





As always, more to come! :)

Much Love.

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