Tuesday, August 16, 2011

38 days and counting...

Still using a dinosaur of a computer, but I worked on my knitting today, which is hard for me to do, takes a lot of patience and concentration. I also worked on a mixed medium boys scarf, really there's only one different kind of yarn, but I should have enough to make a matching hat and sell it as a set. If I can't sell this stuff I'm definitely going to put it up on FB for sale, I'll figure out a fair way to add in shipping, I can get a paypal or something. Either way, I'm meeting this goal and I'm going to sell it! Tomorrow I need to knit some more, finish the boys scarf and make the hat, I have a friend who I'm going to try to make a t-shirt for, and I want to work on the stocking since I had to rip it out. Good thing is, I have group tomorrow and I'm off. So hopefully I can have another good day of getting a lot of things done! That always makes me feel better. I need to get onto the boys blankets and toys....They either go super fast or take forever, it all just depends on the pattern and the yarn/hook size. I'm trying to use fun colors. I want my stuff to stand out, yes it's traditional patterns, but I want to put a younger spin on them and get the kids interested. So a lot of my color choices comes from that idea! :)

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