Wednesday, August 10, 2011

43 got better

i still don't have the ability to post pics at the moment, but i am excited to report that i had a much better evening knowing i had group tonight. when daniel got home, i realized i didn't have much done, about 3 hours til group i started crocheting my butt off, i didn't want to show up and start a project, i had to be on the ball. i took one blanket to match a color i was out of, i'll have to go to hobby lobby for that....i took a scarf that i knew i'd run out of yarn for, but wanted to get to where i was out so i could go buy more :) another scarf i had was also out of one color, only making more of a 'need' to go spend some $.

i really wish i could post some pictures because today i actually started knitting a scarf. i have so many things i'm crocheting and i like to leave the hook with that project, but i tend to use a lot of the same size. it's only about 6 inches but looking good. probably something i'll either work on a little bit every day, or go for a marathon, i'll see how it goes. i got the yarn i needed for two of my projects, plus two future projects and one just because it was .97 cents....ya gotta by that. anyways, pics as soon as possible, i promise! :) :) :)

when i got home from group, daniel helped me organize all my yarn by use and color. tough job for a man and i give him a lot of credit for doing it and not complaining, i mean it only took about 45 minutes. we have to find a place for it, but at least at this point i can see everything that i have, by color. makes it so much easier than wondering what bag you put a color in. i think this will make things go faster and i'll also be away quicker when i'm running out of something. i was amazed at how much of some colors i found and how few of others...i know where i have gaps in the stash now (haha $$)

I also finished the flowers to send with my friend for her convention this week. i even bought a cute little basket it put them in....spent my pocket money though!

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