Tuesday, August 9, 2011

45, uh oh!

well, crocheting today didn't quite go as expected. i'll try and post some pictures later, but we also had some major computer trouble today and i'm not even sure i can post thing on this dinosaur i'm using. I worked more on the blanket from yesterday with the r/w/b. and then the colors going around. I simply ran out of blue.Short on cash I'll have to wait a few days to get more of that color to finish it up. i have enough white and red for a while. so I'm not worried about that.

i met up with a friend of mine. she's going to a craft convention in missouri next week and I asked her if she would mine taking a few of my pieces along to sell. She also has an art studio where she runs a business. Tonight i went to see her and to drop off was would have yielded a whole $8, but I wasn't sure how it would be recieved there and i figured if they went quick, they're fast and easy to make,. well, she said she'd take them with her this weekend, and asked if i could make some more real fast. i'm going to try to make $20 worth. it might not seem like much but i'm am going to need some more yarn and new colors to get a few of this projects done. if i finish the flowers in time, i might make a few hats to send a long too, but i don't want to send too much in case it bombs. maybe $50 max. I'm also going to offer her a cut because she doesn't have to lug this stuff to MO with her, she's doing it as a friend, but i still feel like it would just be gracious to tip her for the help. maybe then she'll do it again and i can really get some of the smaller stuff going quick. i can sit for  a whole day and just make little flower hair pins. i made about 16 in an hour recently. when i'm on my game, i'm awesome at this!!!

But, i really didn't get very much done today and originally those flowers i made were for the fall fest. so now I have to make more plus some. better get off of here and get to work! marathon night! :) :) :)

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