Friday, November 11, 2011

Chilly Morning! Brrrrrrr

I'm currently in the middle of 3 different granny blankets, I thought I'd be done with the blue one yesterday, but I think it needs one more skein...until then I'm working on the green one I started a few weeks ago and the purple one I started when I ran out of green. LOL.

I also have a few hats I need to get going on...but hats don't take that long, maybe an hour each at best. I think I'll work on those later today, I need to figure out what style I want the hats to be. They're requested for sale, yay! :)

I finally used the livingsocial deal my bff Michele got me...haha waited until 11:30pm the night before it expired to actually use it, I grabbed some clipart from online and designed a stamp and tote! Can't wait for them to get here, but totally wasn't willing to pay $11 for shipping, so i can expect them here in "21 days"...but I think it'll go faster!

I'm excited for them to get here! :) :) :)  I also think I might attempted to make my own drop spindle today, I mean home depot is literally across the fact, I might head that way soon! I've been checking out some of the pictures some old friends from h.s. have on facebook and I'm elated to see how many of them are super crafty! Everyone seems to have their own craft and everyone has really impressive stuff! It's fun to reconnect and see what everyone else is making!

Sometime this weekend or maybe next week I'm going to be working on some covers for the throw pillows in the living room. I have the fabric, zippers, and thread...I just have to find a sewing machine and someone to help me operate it...I think the fabric is super fun:

I guess I figure if I'm going to be off work for a while I mind as well Martha Stewart it up! :) I found the middle pattern and the right pattern first and it took me forever to come up with a 3rd choice, but that's where Michele came in and helped me! :) yay!

This is one of the pillows I am going to recover:

They are just getting a little ratty and Sadie's little nails pull at the material and it's pilling and yah, not looking so great...It should look like this when finished:

I think it's going to be fun!!! Hope everyone is having a HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

Much Love.

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