Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Tone Vest, House, Dinner! :)

So today I decided to try to crochet something hard!  I'm trying for a two-tone can find the pattern at:

This involves a lot of counting, which is not my I figured I mind as well practice. I think it's going pretty well so far, but we'll see how big it comes out...

This part took me about 2 hours I'd say...I was watching...oh dear I didn't anticipate revealing my stupid show of the day....oh well. I watched about 8 episodes of Gossip Girl...and I totally loved it--it's kinda like Secret Life of the American other guilty pleasure. LOL.

We also checked out a house today we're hoping to be renting very soon!! It's sooo cute! :) It's a duplex in a older little neighborhood.

Kitchen with Laundry room attached:

 Kitchen looking into Living Room:

Back Yard outside of Living Room:

On Deck looking back at House:

I really like this house! Hardwood floors throughout, Closests!!!!, and I love the fireplace with the mantel...perfect for those stockings I crocheted for Christmas last year! :)

After checking out the house I drove over to the Mellow Mushroom to meet Daniel for dinner--he got held up at work and couldn't go look at the house with me.

We had double pepperoni pizza and the parmesean pretzels! :) Dan had his two beers for the week!

Great day! :)

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