Saturday, November 12, 2011

Felting! :)

Today was the much anticipcated Felting class at the Knowles Center. Small class, but had a lot of fun with everyone!

I made a coffee cozie:

A change purse:

A bag that needs to be sewn and two coasters:

Then we took some fiber and made a ball:

We also used the fiber to cover soap:

I wanted to make wrist warmers, but I didn't. They're easy to make though.

I made another cozie and I needle felted the two coasters, but the battery on the camera died...of course! So I'll have to add those pictures in when I can take them. The coasters are monogramed with a "B" and I made another cozie that has a needle punched heart! It's super cute! :)

....Got wool?

Much Love.

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