Friday, July 17, 2015

Book 1, Done!

Well, last night I got home a little after 6pm. I was so excited to see that my book order had arrived! I've been dying to get into them. It was a busy night playing with Lily, hanging out with Daniel and eating dinner, but I managed to find enough time between everything to start reading. Eventually, Lily started coloring and Dan sat down with his own book, so I sat down with mine. Realizing that these books are meant for Young Adults (which I am clearly not)...well it was a quick read. In fact, less than 24 hours after receiving the books in the mail I've already finished the first one. Now I've seen the TV show a lot, I'm definitely one to watch and rewatch because it's a fun show. The first book was basically the first episode of the show, just with a lot more details and some differences. It was a good read. I'm excited to get off work today so I can get home and start book 2! I think they are still on sale, and since these books go for $10-15 each new, it's a great deal if you are interested!

Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard
Tonight when I get home I'm going to be doing a conference call with an old friend about a Direct Sales type job that she does. I'm interested in trying it because everyone seems to talk about what great money there is to be made with the program, but I still have my reservations...especially because I'm not that great of a sales person and I'm not sure I know enough people who would be interested in the product. I'm going to at least keep an open mind and hear what they have to say before making a final decision. I'll also have to discuss it with Daniel since I know I'll have to put some money into it to get started....I think almost all programs are like that, so I know that's like the "market standard."

Excited to report that I got a hat order today. I met this gentleman in a Walmart nearly 5 years ago and every 6 months or so he calls me for a new hat. I'll have to put it on my ever expanding To-Do list! :)

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