Thursday, August 6, 2015

An update to yesterday's events...

Once I was home from work and able to watch the news, I found out more information about the move theatre attack yesterday. The guy was not 51 years old, he was 29. He had been committed 4 times in the past. His family reported him missing a few days ago from  Murfreesboro which is about half an hour down the highway from where I live. He gun he drew on police was an air soft gun...but I can understand the reaction of the police to shoot. The entire situation lasted about 41 minutes from the time he entered the Mad Max movie til he was down. The whole thing is really sad. I'm thankful that no one was severely injured. Once man was cut and a few others suffered from exposure to pepper spray type chemicals. What happened to this young man? What transpired in the few days he was missing to lead up to this incident? We have to take better care of ourselves and each other.

Much Love.

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