Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's only Tuesday.

Yesterday we had my car was in the shop getting looked at. We had to go pick it up kind of late last night when Dan got home from Lodge. I'm not a fan of driving on the highway, but it wasn't too bad on the way there, so on the way home we went the same route. I had Dan drive in front with Lily. I didn't feel the normal anxiety that I usually feel driving on the highway, it was a combination of the music on the radio, the cool night air and light traffic. I haven't felt that free driving in a long time. I ended up getting in front of Dan to let a truck entering the highway have room to merge. Once I got out in front, I lead us the rest of the way home. This may seem silly to some people, that's fine. We all have something that we feel uneasy about....this is my thing (well, one of them!). I was thankful for the safe passage all of the way home. Lily was ready for bed when we arrived. We put her down right away and sunk into the couch and watched one of the newer X-Men movies.

Today I'm full of ideas for craft fairs...one of my problems is that sometimes my ideas are so big, they are hard to accomplish. I managed to get a great pattern for a Princess style lovie for a baby. I was actually having a difficult time choosing between two...the main differences other than the colors had to do with how the hair is attached. I picked the method I hadn't done before. Once I read through the pattern and realized it's a very easy trick my wheels started turning...so my big idea right now is to make several sets of all of the parts of the doll...there's a head, two arms, the hair and the blankie/lovie portion...if I had all of these pre-made in various colors, I could let kids pick out the parts and I could just sew them together on the fly....but what would I charge? How long would it take to actually sew? Would I have time at a craft show to do all of that? What if they don't sell? What if I don't have enough? or the right colors? So many things just bouncing around inside right now...and then, of course, what about little boys? This pattern is more feminine....styled to look like Disney princesses if you follow the pattern....but I can make them more generic or specific just depending on what colors I choose...but still, what about the boys?! What kind of fun, pick your piece thing can I make for the little guys? Should I even worry about it? Who knows. I have so many projects on my plate right now, but I'd hate to pass on a great idea at the same time. I might have to see where I'm at after I finish a few Christmas presents up....

I'm very please with how this project is coming along. It's for one of Lily's cousins. I'm loving the colors so far. Not sure the pictures are doing the charcoal gray justice, but it's going to be very nice and I hope a fun gift to receive!!!

I just have a few more rows of the blue to go, then back to gray until I get to the end. It's going to have some orange accents which will include a border among other things. I'm having a lot of fun with this one! Still work on the playmat for Jase...I need to finish up some more pieces for that soon!

This month is going to be very busy for Daniel. He has a lot going on at the lodge and we are both kind of winding down at our jobs. I'm excited for Fall. I like that I get to be part-time and spend more time with Lily. I'm also excited for the upcoming Craft Shows and I can't wait to head out to the pumpkin patch, although it'll probably be almost 2 months before we get to do that. I've already scoped out storytime at our local library for some fun Mommy/Lily activities. I've also just barely started planning her birthday party. I'm still working on the guest list, so far, it's all boys....what am I going to do with a bunch of boys? LOL

I'm excited for tonight's episode of PLL. There's only a few left before it breaks for the summer. I'm excited to see where it goes from here. I'm still working my way through the books, but I've had a busy couple of days. Maybe I'll get some good time in tonight before bed time!

I'm also super excited that my AdvoCare cleanse product will be coming in the mail soon. Daniel and I are going on this adventure together...I'm excited to see where it leads us. I know we both want to get healthier in our own respects...I'm glad we can do that together.

Much Love.

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